Curious fish playing in the light in the painting - 'Stream'


Stream - New painting with curious fish playing in the light
Stream - Oil on panel, 18" x 24"

Side view of the painting on the wall
Side view of 'Stream' hanging on the wall, it has 2 inch sides painted black

"Stream" is my latest painting that plays with light and sense of environment. Two curious beta fish, a spiny succulent and cherry blossoms. Streams of light, water and dreams.

This was a fun piece to paint and I really like the bold colors and the way the light brushes across the flowers and fish. 

Details about 'Stream' - This is an oil painting on panel, 18 x 24 inches, with 2 inch sides that are painted black. The text on this piece is a digital watermark, not part of the original. This artwork is finished with a varnish layer for protection and preservation, and is signed front and back. This has been painted on a solid wood panel, handmade by me, with the highest quality wood and a wire hanger attached. This painting is ready to hang on the wall.

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