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Fresh rose in the sunshine

Ready for Spring with 'Sunshine Rose' a 4x6 painting. 'Sunshine Rose' is a 4 x 6 painting ready to display or hang on the wall.  Details: Oil painting on panel, 4 x 6 inches, with 1 inch sides that are painted black. This artwork is finished with a varnish layer for protection and preservation, and is signed front and back. This painting arrives beautifully gift wrapped for free. See this painting in my shop, available with free shipping Related Posts           NEW PAINTING: SUBMERGED, OIL PAINTING ON WOOD          CUPID AND HIS GARDEN IS FRESH OFF THE EASEL             CURIOUS FISH PLAYING IN THE LIGHT IN THE PAINTING - 'STREAM'

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Cupid and his garden is fresh off the easel

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New Painting: Submerged, oil painting on wood

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