Time to make paint

It's time to mix oil paint again. This process usually produces several tubes of paint. I don't have a muller, so I use palette knives to press the linseed oil into the pigment by mixing, stirring, pressing and repeating. I start out with a small mound of pigment on my glass palette, create a little well and use an eye dropper to let a few drops of linseed fall into the well. After pressing this into the pigment a little, I let it sit and soak in.

After a good soaking (the time varies according to different pigment needs), it's time to get serious with the mixing. It needs to become super smooth, all grain crushed out. This is the time consuming part of mixing paint.

But once it's nice and smooth, it can be tubed up and labelled. I just fill the tube by scooping the paint with the knife and dropping it into the end of the metal tube, rolling the end up when it's packed full. And done!

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  1. This is very interesting! I always wondered about the process for artists who mix their own paint. Thank you for posting this. - Elizabeth

  2. I'm glad you like this post Elizabeth, thanks for your comment :)


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