sketchbook drawing : glasses


  1. Ester I have set myself a challenge to paint one complete painting a day for a year. I am just over half way. So excited to stumble across you on Pinterest. Love your work. I think I might do your challenge next year, but maybe I will do it once a week instead of everyday. I love painting daily but I am exhausted, and frustrated. I love the paintings that have taken me 6 or 8 hours, but of course I can't do that every day.
    - Asta Lander x

  2. Thanks for stopping by here Asta :) Love your profile pic btw. Painting daily is definitely a challenge, but I'm sure that so much practice makes a person quickly improve skills with paint!

    You inspired me to set up my own Pinterest acct, and make it easier for people to pin the images.. thanks for that note :)


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