pencil and gouache


  1. Hi Esther, this one i like, it feels so special, the hair (or cloth) and the face have a very mysterious light in it.
    And the liitle kitten below is adorable like a spot on a line:-)
    The tonal painting below is indeed beatiful, did you find more info on it already?

  2. Thanks LoveLies :)
    Sophie (who posted a comment on that very post) sent the link to the original blog post for that image.

    Glad you like this drawing, thanks for leaving a comment.

  3. Very special Ester; a statuesque appearance with beautiful colouring!

  4. Hi Ester, and Sophie, thanks for the link to the other tonal painting, great that you can help eachother in this way! And Ester like to visit your daily drawings a lot:-)


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