at the park

Went to the park to draw trees, and saw the most bizarre scene... about 20 people, dressed up as knights, hitting each other with foam swords and home-made shields. A few of them actually had metal armor on, some had capes. They were out there for at least 2 hours playing 'war' or something.


  1. Beautiful Trees! I've seen the same kind of medieval reenactment at one of our local parks. It was fun to watch.

  2. Hi,

    All of your drawings,paintings, and sketches are amazing! I really enjoyed visiting your blog from time to time.

    Though, I have two question, what is your advice for a beginner that is starting out with sketching??


    What do you write in as you sketch or draw?? I looked at some of your sketches/drawings and I saw that you wrote a lot beside your sketches..

    I have been drawing from time to time but I have never been serious with my skill. Now I am focusing on the skills and want to make growth of it.


  3. Rob, I can't help but grin that you've seen the same thing too. It was so bizarre.

    Valencia - thanks for writing :) I'm glad you like visiting my blog. I remember some helpful advice that was told to me when I was beginning sketching came from one of my teachers in art college. He reviewed one of my sketchbooks and told me that he saw that I obviously liked to be imaginative, but he said that I needed to work on drawing people, and getting better at realism - because once I could draw anything real, I could essentially draw anything I wanted, imagined or not. I took it as a challenge and tried harder to draw things exactly as I saw them.

    Besides that advice, my suggestion would be to draw at least once every day (or at least do one creative thing every day). By keeping a schedule that includes some creativity, it is easier to watch 'creative thinking' flow into all other parts of your life. This seems like the best way to live, by thinking, seeing and behaving creatively in all aspects of life. Your drawings will reflect your life.

    Almost all of the writing that I do in my sketchbooks are just notes from the day. They really aren't special or imaginative..most of the time they describe the facts of what occurred during my day, or I'll write down facts that I'll need to reference later. Even though they aren't important notes, I usually blur them out so they aren't legible online because sometimes they contain people's names or addresses...and sometimes I just feel shy about exposing what I've written.

    I this is helpful for you :) Thanks for writing.

  4. Hi Ester,

    Thank you for your advices, it helps! I really want to improve my drawing skills and you're right, by doing that is to draw one thing everyday. Creativity is something I need to work on too, I think I'm starting to have artist block..

    Oh alright, I was wondering as I looked through your artwork, all the writing in it.. But its cool though because it what makes your drawings meaningful :o) it kinda like mixed media in some kind of way.

    Thanks again, Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year! :o)


  5. There was a campus club that did this when I was in college - I forget the name of the club, but the gist was medieval and renaissance reenactment. I always thought it looked like fun.

  6. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Great trees, and I love that you included the "battling knights!" Heh! Maybe some folks who can't wait for the next Renaissance Festival.

    Speaking of festivals, your entry in Festival of the Trees is what led me here.

    And if I may, I'd like to drop a note to Valencia: If you can find a copy of "The Natural Way to Draw," by Kimon Nicolaides--in mine and many others' opinions, the best 'how to draw' book ever written--it will help you immensely!


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