blocks for sale

I've been working on wood blocks lately, with the ultimate goal of having enough to put out for sale. The process of getting to this point has not been entirely easy, because I love to work in my sketchbooks so much and am not used to doing more refined or 'final' work. I hope that I can merge the two ideas with a result that other people can also enjoy.

These wood panels are created by hand using birch, wood glue and nails, with the final artwork sealed to the wood plate, the sides painted with acrylic, and the surface sealed in a semi-gloss acrylic polymer finish. The time and money for these materials makes me wonder if purchasing wood panels would be better, plus less room for handmade errors.

I truly appreciate all of the comments that are left on this blog, and I hope to continue to hear from you - all of your opinions and thoughts matter to me as I try to navigate a way into the art world.


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