inspiration sketchbook

Recently put together a sketchbook meant to hold all of the inspirational images collected in magazines and other places... These are a few collaged pages from that book. The images come from illustrators and artists all over the world.


  1. very cool collection of images... inspiring, think i'll break out the pens now and work through my rut.

  2. Fabulous

  3. Do you ever print out images you find online, or are your images mostly from magazines and printed matter?

  4. glad you like it :)
    I don't print images because of the cost involved. These all came from cutouts from art and design magazines. But I do keep a large digital collection of images from things I see on the web. I never use those images for anything but inspiration, and I keep them in folders titled by date so I can see changes in the kind of artwork I thought was inspirational throughout the years. One of these folders for each year typically contains at least 1000 images.

  5. An inspiration sketchbook- what a great idea! I'm inspired to start one now!


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