grave angel


  1. I love your work. I'm always impressed and isnspired.

  2. Ester, I don't often comment. But today I was moved by your drawing. More than you know. xx Jos

  3. Wonderful Angel, the special kind and not perfect( missing hand). It does make sense to me Esther that you would be taking your work to galleries, art stores, hobby stores and entering shows. The quality of the pieces you do just have that one more step, mat or mat with frames then ou t the door to a show case. You live in a great area for art. Just take small steps, full time to starrt is a little much.

    With the economy the way it is, it's a good time to get a footholdand see where your art will take you. Frame shops usually have clients that like certain things, stop in and ask them what is selling. Gear what you do to the market place.Thank you for the compliment on the drawing of my son.


  4. thanks very much jason, SKIZO, Jos and Scott


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