snow in Hotlanta!


  1. This morning I took some wintry pictures over here as it had snowed all through the night and the scenes were very nice, but I hadn't thought that it would ever look like that in a place like Atlanta! You learn every day ... likewise that a strange phenomenon like Dr. Who was known in the US ... I thought that he and his fights with the Daleks were something very British and not really internationally known of ...

    Good luck with the snow-shoveling!

  2. Snow in Georgia!? unheard of. These photos make me miss the south so much!

  3. The snow made me smile all day. Rare treat for us. I cannot say that Dr. Who is widely known in the States, but all of my friends like to watch that, and Torchwood. I don't own a TV, so I watch it via internet ;)


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