1. Congratulations!
    I just awarded you the Sunshine Bloggers Award!
    Please come to my site to receive it.

  2. Hi Ester,

    Wow, this one is really special! (sorry if I keep repeating myself and the compliments are getting boring ...;-)) But I'm not the only one ... judging by the other comments.

    If everything goes according to schedule on monday at my work we will be going live with the first flex-application. The last four months we've been building it and that was my first acquaintance with building in flex ... so I've seen a bit of it by now, but there's loads more to learn. I don't actually have an IT-background and am not the in-depth technician in that regard ... I like the more creative aspects of web-development. But I'm always happy to swap knowledge or try to help someone out, so just ask if you ever want to.

    I just started my own blog with arty things a few weeks ago ( But ... I don't have the kind of stuff you produce on offer ... still ... I'll just keep trying.

    I was born in the US, but a long way north from where you live (North Tonawanda, New York ... you know, where it really gets COLD ... ;-))

    Have a nice day and keep drawing!


  3. thanks for saying though, Rodney. I do appreciate it :)

    I hope your flex launch is successful!

  4. Hello Ester,

    I wrote to you yesterday using your, but I keep getting delivery-delayed-messages, so I'll just write to you through this channel ... thank you for your kind comment on my "Oranges and Kiwis"! Since my last note I see you have made two more special drawings. Have a nice (and arty) weekend.



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