1. Hello Ester,

    Another fine drawing!

    May I ask ... are these drawings just a dayly routine for you next to your mayor work as an artist? How much time do you spend on these drawings each day?

    Greetings and looking forward to your next masterpiece,


  2. Thanks for your comment Rodney. I usually get home from work and spend at least thirty minutes to an hour drawing...more if I have the extra time. This drawing took me about 15 minutes to make.

    I usually do the bulk of my drawing over the weekends, spending anywhere from 4 to 10 hours drawing all day.

    Thanks for your kind words!

  3. Love your work and your discipline. Is your job art related? Also, how do you cope with other distractions while you're drawing from 4-10 hours on the weekends?

  4. Great lines! I really love the simplicity of this drawing. Can't believe you did it in 15 minutes! Amazing...

  5. My day job is website and flash development (coding). The creative part is the occasional design work, but I wouldn't call it art-related. Drawing is my favorite part of the day. Drawing over the weekend is usually spread out through the day, and since it's my favorite thing to do, there's not much that gets in the way because I can always draw the distraction too ;)

    I think the drawings come out faster with regular practice. I've noticed that if I didn't have time to draw for a week, it takes me forever to get a decent drawing done.

    I appreciate your comments and nice words. Thanks!

  6. Hi Ester,

    What about that! My day job is website development and since a few months flash (flex) development in particular (since the organization decided to rebuild our prime .Net-website to a flex-website.
    I also like to think that my job has at least some creative/artistic aspects in the design work, but it's not really that much. I don't have an artistic background (studied economics) like you, but try to make it up by spending some free time with drawing and painting.

    Take care!


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