Been working in flash so much lately, there isn't much else on my brain, so I figured I'd share some of my fav eye candy sites from the web lately:


  1. these are so cool! So ester, I'm about to go ahead and by my domain name, and I want my site to be more of an art piece than the simple semi narcissistic artist pages that I see. Any thoughts?

  2. I've found that most people using websites for their portfolios use their firstlast name. Mostly I'd say the reason is for Search Engine Optimization, and it becomes easier for the user to find you and begin to recognize your name as your brand identity.

    Off of that note though, if you truly want a website to be an art piece, rather than a space that holds your portfolio, you can def go all out with the name...and you are the creative writer, so I have no doubt you'll come up with something super cool. One suggestion is to be sure you can say it verbally to someone (i.e. on the phone) and you don't have to spell it out for them. My first domain was www.EandJstudio.com and no one understood me.

    Are you building this site for yourself? Do you have developer experience?

  3. OH I'm definitely getting benholbrook.com. And I have NO developer experience, so I'm thinking that i'll either hire someone (as broke as I am) or use some sort of simple template to start off, then get someone to help me design something really cool.

  4. ps. I'm getting your book soon, because I want it.

  5. well if you need help, let me know. (I'm a web developer/designer at my day job, and certainly don't mind helping you out if I can)


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