happy birthday to me


  1. Happy Birthday, Ester. I guess your vacation could be said to be a birthday celebration? Lovely lines in your "memory" book.

  2. Welcome back from Oregon, and Happy Birthday. Great pages!

  3. So, I randomly came across your blog and I have to say, I'm in love with your work. Your sketches are beautifully done.
    (And the creeper award goes to...)
    I just thought I would share.

    We have the same name. Maybe I was googling myself. Lucky me. :)

  4. thank you, thank you!! My vacation coincidentally fell close to my birthday, so it was nice to think of it as a b-day getaway. Makes me want to move there with my motorcycle.

    Nice to meet you Ester. Can't say that I know any other 'Ester' out there, so you're the first for me :)


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