german shorthaired pointer

working on it...


  1. The eyes are so expressive, already - really wonderful.

  2. I am in awe of your art and love that you share the progress... and to see that really good art is not usually made in one sitting. Patience is my biggest detriment to getting myself to the next level. I always want instant gratification.

  3. Thanks all :)

    carin.c, I know what u mean about the patience issue. I have the same problem, wanting to see a drawing be instantly good. I have to keep telling myself, whenever things aren't going as fast as I want, that this is the time to be slow. And it's really my whole body that needs to shift at that the beat needs to slow down and i need to think, breathe and focus slowly in order to accomplish anything. Pretty soon, the day's over and I have to put the drawing down until the next it's during a 'slowdown' that time ceases to exist. That's how it is for me anyway. I'm sure everyone deals with it differently.


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