1. Hey Ester, I posted a few pictures of one of my drawing books. My experiences have been quite simple so far. Next I am going to try designing the entire layout in InDesign and uploading the entire thing as a .pdf to Lulu.com or blurb. I'm not sure which yet, though!
    Btw your work looks great (as usual!)

  2. Do you ever rest? Everytime i visit... more beautiful art. i feel like i've been slacking, thanks for the boot in the arse!

  3. thanks for the heads up Jim, I'll check out your blog :)

    I did debate whether to sleep at a decent time last night, or to draw...and of course drawing wins out. I've been feeling like a slacker myself, with my goal being 'daily drawings', and the past year for me has not represented that ;)

  4. Patricia5:33 PM

    So beautiful Ester!


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