figure drawing

2 and 7 min poses


  1. Love to see your figure drawings. Are you just working in a standard sketchbook? How big are the pages? I've never been to a figure drawing class and worry that everyone must use large sheets and charcoal!!

  2. Hi Shirley :)
    I used a 'handbook' here, which is a sketchbook with pages that are about 5.25" x 8". It's fairly small, and I use a mechanical pencil .5 and .7 for these sketches. In classes the teachers sometimes require large sheets of paper with charcoal, and that is really great experience to understand light/shadow, and even get into a painterly feel for drawing in block shapes. But nothing is set in stone for 'correct' figure drawing - you should do it having fun, and with whatever medium makes you happy to use.


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