sunrise last friday


  1. Phenomenal shots! Great drawings AND shots.
    Thanks for putting me on your links list. Let me reciprocate and do the same for you on mine!

  2. Seems like there is always a telephone pole or parking lot light in the way when you want to take a photo of a beautiful sunset. Otherwise, very nice.

  3. Thanks UIRU, I'm very honored to be part of your list :)

    yeah, the poles do get in the way sometimes, and hard to find a completely natural setting while living smack in the center of the city. Probably I should take pics that speak of those architectural bits since I can't get away from them too easily.

    Thanks for the nice comments :)

  4. i feel the light poles, power poles, urban stuff can be appealing as well. I grew up in the woods so these things weren't in my everyday view. To this day I find some urban decay beautiful when photographed, painted, drawn... sorry i'm runnin' on...


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