future motorcycle

my future motorcycle boots will look like tech warrior skin.


  1. will wonders ever cease... great boots! You ride? what kind of bike?

  2. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I came to here trough many sketchblogs, and really liked your drawingstyle! It's amazing that your sketching-pages looks so cool when there are just sketch over sketch.

    If you don't mind, i would like to add this link to my sketchblog (what's in finnish tought..) so i could came by every other time!

    Have a great time!
    - Noora

  3. your sketches are really insprational (spelling) love your blog.

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments :)

    No, I don't own a motorcycle just yet, but am putting together all the steps for getting my license right now, I'm going to start small on a 250cc sport bike probably.

    Thanks so much for the link Noora! That's very sweet of you, I feel honored.

    Thanks Maldito and Mandy! I'm glad you stopped by here :)


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