in progress

working in a four color palette, trying to simplify things a little: yellow ochre, black, cad. red, titanium white.


  1. mmm. Even in death the baker gives off a warm and friendly butter glow. And so dark and dreary the world has been without his treats. To dreams of a warm oven, and cookies.



  2. It's not surprising that you are still at it Ester. I come peak at your progress about once a week still. I'm excited about your film project.

  3. haunting, yet somehow sweet and charming... love the strokeplay and simple rendering... thanx!!

  4. Hi, you said you'd get back online tonight so I thought this would be the best way to reach you. Your drawings are amazing! WE tend to not say something unless we truly mean and feel it, and I could go on about how incredible you are at what you do. I am so proud of you! Call me-Love Kar


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