final paint


  1. great light! whats the meduim?

  2. Oh the symphony was lovely, sorry you could not hear. You looked like you were enjoying, i forgot you had no ears.

    Its turned out really good.


  3. Thanks :)

    This is oil on canvas paper, about 18" x 24" in final size, but what is displayed here has been cropped down.

  4. This is nicey done, i noticed a lot of new work on your web page. wonderful additions to an outstanding collection. hope the work for the film is going well, and a re you still coffee free?

  5. thanks for swingin' by, Joseph :)

    I have to admit, I broke down the other week and bought myself some decaf coffee. I guess it kind of still counts towards coffee-free. Kind of not.

  6. By swingin' by, did you mean like an ape? I think decaf counts as coffee free, at least it does where I work.


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