zen ghost


  1. Nice effect, how's the coffee thing going? What type of sketchbook are you using. Brand, size, weight of paper? I like the square, just wondering.

  2. Been off the coffee for a solid week now, and it's going. Not pleasant, but it will be worth it to me to get rid of the need. Thanks for asking :)

    This sketchbook is a "handbook" and the square format is part of why i like it too. The paper is good for quite a few things, my favorite being the way it handles pencil. But it can also take ink pretty well, which is what i used to color this page. I think the weight may be something around 90lb, and it has a softness to it - the way watercolor paper does a little. Kind of "hairy" feeling to me. This post was done wtih a regular gel pen, ink washes of orange and white, pencil drawing, and I used inks in a rapidograph to draw/write with too.

    These handbooks are a little bit on the pricey side. When they first came out they were about $8.00 for a 5x8 size, but now they are marked right up there with moleskines. Can get them at dick blick, and probably any other online art store. Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks, I'll check them out, hang in there and beat the coffee demon.


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