mess on paper

been listening to 10,000 days TOOL cd. made some doodles


  1. Thank you for the kind words! I agree with you on the value of the type and it will be fixed soon.

    I also checked out your work and I REALLY dig the drawing section on your site and the sketchbooks. Good stuff!

    I'm curious how you came across my work?

  2. been here a few times now... and really enjoy your sketches... in my mind I see your everyday life reflected grafite on paper.

  3. It's like flipping through channels on a TV and not being able to decide which is best.

    Although, the guy with the horns seems to be taking center stage. I can see him bouncing around, and the really long horns flying around like they are about to come off. Then he stops, and his face is like stone, and the horns just slowly droop into place.

    That's when the tigers jump him from behind. AAAHAAHHHHHHHHrrgh.

    Thanks, your's is the best show in the morning.


  4. you totally make me laugh Kevin. Thanks for that!

    So glad you commented emily :)


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