grisaille in blue

oil, 8" x 10"


  1. damn you're good. i need to like study under you or something.. haha

    reminds me of the Jesus

  2. I enjoy looking at your work. YOUR website is amazing!...I love the way you show your sketchbooks... clicking to flip the page!!REALLY beautiful.

  3. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Oh Ester, this is a stunner. Those eyes. One looks into them and over that face and one sees and feels and wonders... I learn so much from all of you. I only learned the term,
    "grisaille" on a blog, last night.

  4. thanks so much for all the positive words!

  5. I like this one. It reminds me of something (someone), but I can't place it. The blue is really cool, haha. Seriously, this image is like the after image in a mirror in a dark room on a cloudy day. Kinda spooky, but draws your attention to it.


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