final grisaille


  1. are these from real life sources or are you making them up?

  2. all of these paintings are based on photography by Pierre Gonnord. He did a series of portraits with black backgrounds, and I thought that for good practice, they could turn into decent monochrome studies for paint.

  3. I went back and looked at your work from Jan. 06 and I've got to say you've really improved a lot over the past two years!
    I mean this when I say that while I admire and am inspired by a great number of artists, that coming here everyday and seeing that you are still doing work on a daily basis is truly motivational.
    I look forward to all the updates of the year!!

    sry to get all emo

  4. When I first saw this one, it reminded me of my Tae Kwon Do instructor, something about the right eye.

    Really swift.

  5. This is a beauty Ester--all of them really. Love the contrasts here.

  6. I'm so glad you've noticed some improvement, Jim, that definitely makes me smile to hear that. I'm glad you are inspired here, that's so great!

    Kevin you do tae kwon do? I don't know much about it, but I always wonder where people find the time to do such things like that. One of my best friends is a black belt in ju jitsu (sp?) and he learned from a Japanese living in Spain.

    Thanks so much Steve :) I hope your new year is coming along swimmingly :)


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