a day of hands

a couple things about me, as per request by William F. Renzulli

1. I studied Spanish at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA as a civilian
2. I have a sock fetish
3. My nose bleeds from high stress, every time
4. If I didn't choose to be an artist, I would have been a lawyer
5. My middle name is ancient like my first: It's Iva


  1. Hey,

    It's been a while since I commented here, but I saw these great hands and well...

    They are all very elemental to be, of course being a major part of creation why not. My favorite are the green ones in the middle. I love the way they rest upon each other. The top ones make me think of fire and stone (i was going to say water but that sounded cheesy). And the bottom made me think of earth holding up the house. It's important to note how much dirt can elevate us, haha.

    Anyway, Great stuff as usual.
    Merry Christmas


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  3. Your drawing skills continue to amaze me. They are simply wonderful.

    I would like your permission to add your blog to my list of favorite art blogs.

  4. thanks Kevin, long time no chat, huh? I didn't see your blog up for awhile...hope you're doing well

    absolutely, and thanks for the add :)

  5. These hand sketches are amazing.
    Beautiful work.


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