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since starting this new sketchbook, I've been confused by the wide format, trying to figure out if the landscape attribute is something that I like or not. It is a little hard to hold sometimes, and I've missed the hard cover like moleskines have. This new book comes from intlarrivals.com, found in a dickblick store. I'm a little unhappy with the paper too, because I've been so spoiled with the handbooks and fabriano artist journals, but the paper in this book is more like computer stock. I'm trying to keep positive about it, because it does have some pluses, like 300 pages to use, and the paper is good for pen/ink. I've even found it takes watercolor o.k.


  1. How funny, I used a similar book by the same company, just a different cover. The paper does buckle w. too much water. It's funny, that's the book i started out with so getting used to "nicer" paper is taking a while.

    Good luck w/the book.

  2. I think I noticed that you posted a pic of your sketchbook when you had finished it (right before changing the template of your blog?). It got me interested in trying this book out because I had seen them in the store, and then found another artist (you) who had been using them. So thanks for the inspiration! It's intriguing what happens when you suddenly have limitations on what you can do.


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