Hello November

Got all my Thanksgiving cards made up today, now all that's left is writing my notes inside with change of address information. So exciting! About two months ago I found a great art school in New York that I thought might be good for me, called the Grand Central Academy of Art. The school only accepts 15 students per year, and I got accepted from my portfolio, which was very exciting. And I thought everything was setting me up for a path to move to New York, but after some really heavy thinking about it, and searching for living situations in Manhattan/Brooklyn, plus after really thinking hard about what I wanted to gain from the time spent on more studies, I decided to decline going down the New York road. Since then I've been able to re-evaluate how much time I want to spend getting better at oil painting in a classical sense, and put my own time into it, not divide my time between other mediums, such as sculpting. After deciding to make Georgia my home, I did find a home, a house to call home here. And I'm so excited for it. I have no doubts in my mind at all that this is the place I should be, and this is exactly what I should be doing. In preparation for not having any free time this crazy month, I made my Thanksgiving cards early so that I would definitely have something to send to friends.


  1. With all good wishes for the future, may you be very happy in your new home, I take a peek most days at your work and really enjoy it.

  2. What beautiful papers you have used.

  3. thanks so much u.h.d.d. - I'm glad you visit too :)

    I loooooove some pretty papers! Nothing better than getting to play with them during the card season :)

  4. Your decision sounds like a good one. Finding one's way is not always the easiest thing to do.

    Good luck in your new(?) home. Your art work is wonderful.


  5. Congratulations on finding certainty in the uncertainty. These are really difficult decisions...and it's good to hear you feel comfortable in the one you've made. Cheers to you.


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