j.w. waterhouse

i recently got a coupon for the local bookstore and went to find a treasure, bringing home the J.W. Waterhouse book. It's crammed full of really great paintings, lots of variety in subject, and a lot of explaining about his life/work that I haven't read yet. But I'm excited to take a detailed look at the way he worked edges in oil paint - that's one thing I am having a hard time with, is making my edges fade out softly into other parts of the painting. So this is a study book for me. Good stuff!


  1. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Hi Ester,

    Could you please tell me the title of the last painting?

  2. sure! The book has some work in it by other artists as comparison studies, and this last painting was done by John Everett Millais, called "Ophelia", 1851-2. I believe it is hanging at the Tate in London.

    Here is a link online

    Hope that helps.


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