autumn equinox

been so super busy this last week that all I've been able to get done were simple sketches and doodle things. But I saw this graphite drawing in the recent issue of American Artist and loved it. I love the old paper with splashes of stain and torn edges to match the quality of the pencils. It was done by John Whalley, 2007, and featured in the Portland Museum of Art. Tomorrow I hope to be able to find some time for my own charcoal or pencil work...


  1. I'm sorry, the pencils are drawings?

    Holy shit, that's amazing!

  2. I still can't believe that's a drawing. wow, that's real attention to detail!

  3. well you made me look up some of his other stuff and now I believe it! Still, incredible dedication to accuracy. I mean, if he gave you a dollar bill, you'd want it checked out, right? ;o)

  4. glad you like it :) I haven't checked out any of his other work yet, so I'm interested to also.


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