value study

oil on canvas paper - 11.5" x 9.5"
decided to do some value studies in oil so I can get a better understanding of how to push the paint around on the brush rather than focusing all my attention on color relationships. There is so much to learn about this medium, it's really forcing me to take it step by step, instead of tackling it all at once. I'm glad I have a large amount of photo reference to do b/w studies from via Jimi. But after a bunch of oil paintings that are just my face, I can imagine this blog will look a little self absorbed.


  1. Hey, why not? Renoir did it all the time. But yeah, oils are a huge challenge--something i loved to work with years ago, but have since slipped away from. I guess it's hard maiing my already somewhat meager living quarters conducive to such media, but then again, that's probably me making weak excuses. Anyhow, some great great last few of posts here.

  2. thanks a lot Steve

    i know what you mean about oils being hard to work with in a small space. I have found that the only thinner I can stand is the winsor&newton sansodor - that stuff really doesn't smell.


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