more fears

I'm realizing, as I draw out more fears for this sketchbook, that it's kind of difficult to keep a good balance of communicating directly, vs. being obscure and challenging the viewer to "get it". I kind of want each page to be a game of figuring out the fear, but not be so off-base that it's just an insider's knowledge that I've drawn. These have been fun to do, definitely a challenge to me.


  1. This is turning out to be an amazing project Ester. I think the clear communication is certainly important, but at the same time, no matter how clear you will be not everyone will get it, so a little mystery is good i think--I wouldn't worry too much about having to spell it out, but you definitely have a point. Keep up the spectacular work!!

  2. hey, I found your blog by accident and I really like your drawing style(s).

    I picked this post to comment in because I especially liked the top two pages. The cartoon characters and then the grimly real hands hanging out of the bars. I thought it was really awesome.


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