1. Ester, I love the mop and I also love the telephone pole below. You got skills!! ;-)

  2. Hey, Ester! Love the mop, always a fan of the B&W on colored paper.

    Also, how did you add the 'E' logo next to the URL?

  3. thanks ;)
    here is a link for how to make a favicon:

    since I don't have a psd plugin for saving .ico files, I just downloaded some freeware for a simple graphic creator. Then I uploaded my graphic into the root folder of my website, and linked back to that location in my blogger template. This site explains how to do it. If you are trying to do it and it's not working, let me know and I'll help you out.

  4. I wish I had a mop like this! I like the subtle value you've added.

  5. I don't think I can do this, because I'm on a mac. :(


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