in the mail

I received my sketchbook in the mail for an upcoming gallery show yesterday. I'm supposed to fill it up with my fears and send it back in time for halloween, so this is some of what I've put in it so far:(this last piece is about a fear of horse bites)


  1. I dig the Hitchcock page.

    WHich sketchbook project is this for? I emailed Blank, but they never got in contact.

  2. Ester
    This sure will make for an interesting sketchbook.
    I find the horse interesting.

  3. this is a link to the "fear" project.

    Yeah, I'm not sure what's up with Blank lately. I'm supposed to be up next for their sketchbook ship, but haven't heard from them in about 4 months. The guy behind it also teaches in London I think, so he may be busy, or maybe the book has been held up in transit. I do hope to get it soon tho.


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