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started working in a new handbook today. It's square. I've also seen a new one for sale at DickBlick's store location called a Sierra Sketchbook. I've never seen that one before, and also don't see it for sale on their website, so I'm curious about it. It has 300 pages, which is quite large for the average sketchbook, and I don't know much else about it other than it has a little strap thing to keep it shut, and a decorated cover. I'm curious.

also, I've been keeping up with some more anime too. I love watching the ones that are created with great drawing skill, so here's my list:

Kurau: Phantom Memory
Le Chevalier D'eon
And these are a few that I have yet to see, and am waiting for them to be available locally. They look pretty good:

TekkonkinkreetEx MachinaMoribito


  1. Cool! I want a square sketchbook.

    And Paprika is AMAZING!!! If you like that check out Paranoia Agent. It's the same guy. I don't know if it's available here yet or not, but the new Ghost in the Shell - Solid State Society is really cool too. And the film Memories... it;s a bit older, but pretty cool.

  2. i really like paprika too. And thanks for the heads up about paranoia agent - haven't seen that at all. (pretty sure this same set of artists does the animation for Tokyo Godfathers too). Solid State and Memories are some of my fav's too. (I think we may have the same taste going on, what do ya think?)

  3. Yeah, I think we do have pretty similar taste.

    Yes, Tokyo Godfathers is the same people. I like Paranoia Agent more though.

    I've enjoyed the few eps of Ergo Proxy (which you turned me on to) that I've checked out, but I don't have enough time to watch much that isn't dubbed. I ususally watch stuff while drawing or going to sleep... subtitles don't work to well in either situation.

  4. i am a lot the same way - putting an anime on while I draw. I think I'm beginning to understand Japanese a little better for it. But I think the last DVD of English dubbed Ergo Proxy was recently released, so that may be available for you too. It was tricky telling the two versions apart, last time I went to rent them, but I picked up the one that was in Enlish, so it should be available now. (Funny though, I didn't like it as much as the original voices in Japanese. There's something about "Deedu Deedu" in the cute machine's voice that is lost.

  5. Appleseed is a good'un. It was a lot of fun.


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