fears x 3

pumping out more fears like a machine... I reached the halfway point of this sketchbook today.


  1. I'm keeping up with the fear sketches.
    The maze and compass is me especially when my husband takes me hiking.
    Looking forward to the rest of the fear sketches.

  2. Wow!! I'm curious, did you hand draw the maze and tall those hands? Either way, way to go here!

  3. Sorry, I meant "all those hands".

  4. thanks toni and steve :)

    I'm flattered you would think I drew those hands and the maze, but no, those were printouts that I stuck down with double sided tape.

    There's a little trick I like to do when collaging things: I draw out the image in my sketchbook, then trace over the silhouette of the shape with tracing paper. Then, I put that tracing paper over the maze paper, and cut out the shape of the silhouette - this way you can paste down the maze paper over the shape that is drawn in the sketchbook, and it turns out looking like the drawn object is lying on top of the paper. Takes a little time, but in most cases it is worth it, especially when I want a nice background to something and can't draw it well enough. Japanese papers are fun for this.

  5. the encouragement is really nice - I appreciate it. I haven't been so sure about the way this is going, so I'm glad to hear outside thoughts.


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