values in green

playing with watercolor, trying to see if it could come out looking like stone.


  1. This had to be quite a challenge Ester but you met it well. Are most of these statue depictions from a local museum or from a two-dimensional resource? Do you find it more difficult or usefful to work from one or the other? Also, the handmade chalk site was very fascinating! Thanks for sharing that with us.

  2. Several of these sculpture drawings lately have been from photo reference found on (here)
    but a few have been done from life drawing at the local museum (High Museum), and from around town, finding various pieces in buildings and such.

    I find it easier to work in my studio using photo references for longer studies, and getting realistic charcoal pieces, but it's a different thing to sketch from the statue in front of you. To me it's like having a conversation with the object, and the feeling of space gets integrated into the drawing with much more believability. If I had my choice, I'd do nothing but study from life, but a lot of these beautiful masterpieces are at the Louvre and other museums, so I use what reference I can find. I'm just trying to learn right now, and studying masterworks I feel is the best way to have good design sense seep into my subconscious.

    Thanks for asking Steve :)

  3. Great colors here.

  4. Definitely Ester. It's a trade off either way I guess, but yeah, it rteally is like having a conversation with the object or artist even, and you appreciate and understand the work so much more. Keep it up!

  5. Green definitely helps but I guess it needed more white.


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