two more casts

created two more casts for some drawing studies. These were super fun to make! But the pinky did fall away from my hand cast, so I'll need to glue it back together. They sure are heavy though.


  1. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Hi Ester,

    I have enjoyed keeping up with your blog for a while now, and just wondered how you create the casts? My boyfriend is too kinetic to model for me, but I am pretty sure he would be willing to make a cast! :)


  2. hi Stella

    these are really easy to make, and the mix can be purchased at Michael's or most art supply stores, like sorted under "casting material". There are two parts, first the gel, which you stick your hand into for it to set a mold, then the plaster that pours into the mold and hardens for the "stone" cast. It takes under 30 minutes for the whole thing, and drying time for the cast varies. For these two, I used a mini plastic garbage can to pour the wet gel mixture into, and then inserted my foot and hand. The gel will harden around your hand in under 5 minutes. Once it has hardened, pull the hand out, and then mix up the plaster to pour into the mold, which takes the majority of the time for drying. Once that is dry, you can peel away the hardened gel and reveal the cast. It's super fun as a weekend project, and the details that are preserved in the cast go right down to fingerprints.

  3. No way! I was wondering how you got these to turn out so well. These are great, and your drawings just keep improving. And NYC ? Wow!!

  4. this could be a super fun project for your first graders even. It's quick, and you could have the gel set inside of plastic cups that they fit their hands into. All the material is non toxic (at least what I bought was even edible, not that I tried it).


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