checking out the options for relocation to New York!


  1. NYC is ready for you! :)

  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    What part of New York? My college chum and I moved near The Village for our Antioch College co-op jobs in the early 1950's and loved it. Good luck. I'd love another try to sketch Central Park, Washington Square and old streets in The Village.

  3. it's very exciting :)
    I'm very interested in the Village area, as well as Soho and Chelsea, which will probably be out of my price range. But I want to stay within the manhattan area rather than living out. I'm just learning the area via internet right now, so it's a little nerve-racking at the same time as exciting. I want to go there for an art school, so I hope all of this can work out.

  4. Aren't you brave? I'd never have the nerve to move to NY ... maybe that because I'm on the other side of the country. When do you expect to move? I agree, it has t be an exciting time for you...needless to say, I wish you the best.


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