sketchbooks updated!

Finally I've got the sketchbook page updated on my website, including the addition of a new one called HandBook. I had to rearrange the way this page looked in order to make room for more books, and I'm anticipating another 3 to make their appearance in the next few months, so there is now room for those to join soon. A couple other minor changes to the portfolio main page, and my whole day has been shot! But it's a happy friday all the way around. Have a great weekend!


  1. These boks are terrific. I think the 'bee book' is still me favorite, because it has a theme. All are wonderful though.

  2. Ester, I've been busy lately, wrapped up in my own little world, but I need to tell you how wonderful these books are. I've never seen anyone with such a way with "line". Even the simplist line show's so much information to the viewer. Wonderful work.

  3. yeah, the bee book is definitely themed work, different from the others.

    Thanks so much Nancy!

  4. Wow, you are such an inspiration! I looked at some of your sketchbooks and you are awesome!! Thanks for sharing your talent...


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