painting all day

worked on two paintings today, one seeking out the best light in my house, which happens to come from a window in the bathroom, and then this. I'm trying hard to get my colors more clean, without mud while nicely complementing each other. It seems to me that colors are only perceived as what they are because of the other colors around them. An isolated color may not really seem like a grey, or a blue, but because of the context of other colors around, the grey may look brilliant and vibrant in ways totally impossible by itself. Reminds me of puzzle pieces, and webs of life, everything connecting, combining, and changing as each piece influences another, and so much more is possible as connections grow stronger.

To be very honest, I think oil painting is the hardest thing I've ever attempted to do.


  1. I was considering this the other day, idly noticing a stray grey cord hanging from the curtain across our bedroom window. the walls are mid green; where the cord passed above the window, against the wall in deep, dark shadow, the cord looked pure white, but as it crossed in front of the underside of the window bathed in daylight, it immediately took on the appearance of charcoal. we perceive colours as relative.

    great painting, ester!

  2. Awsome painting. All the talk of color reminds me of the scene from the Disney animated Alice in Wonderland, where Alice is falling and the colors start swirling around and then settle on her asleep. Each of the colors lay down as separate swatches then smooth together.

    Anyway, love the piece.


  3. You make oils look easy .. your talk on color makes my head spin. Only you can think and capture a stance/design like this .. awesome.

  4. now that you mention it, I'll have to dig out my old Alice movie and take a look. I don't remember that, but it sounds so cool!

    Ian, what I've also noticed, that gets even more complex, is when that grey cord is backlit with an intense complimentary light! Then there's no telling what that cord should be isolated as...I suppose just looking more and looking harder is the only way to start to make sense of it all.

    Thanks for your sweet words Nancy :)


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