1. The thing with overlapping, might be that it doesn't look cool. Paint strokes, and levels of black in ink are one thing, but pen overlaps just look, kinda, elementary school?

    I dunno, but I hate them too. Though, if you worked with it, knowing it'll respond that way, you could get a cool wallpaper esque feel out of it.

    Maybe it's just that you wanted smooth solid color, and even though you knew you wouldn't get it, you somehow expected it, or just would have rather had it... I don't know.

    You should try some copic markers. You get a much smoother color out of them. And they're refilable!

  2. Anonymous8:26 AM

    The top right pane has some lovely colors - very peaceful!

  3. Awsome.

    I love the marker overlaps. Of course, it's hardly ever intentional, but that's sort of how I do watercolors. I try to get the layers to overlap. They give it a three dimensional feel. I love to play with the edges as well.

    Of course with watercolor you have a bit more control of when and where the overlap forms.

    It's cool that you put so many techniques into the two pages here. I really like the Jupiterian color forms also.

    Rock on.



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