Hamlet Skull

light vs. color - these two things are not the same, but in painting, one has to make them both understood in a single brush stroke. This is the difficulty of paint to me.


  1. hi ester :)
    my verification code was longer than my original message was going to be so I decided to right more.
    I've just been staring into your work lately. Picking it apart and enjoying. Sorry I haven't much lately.
    I'm still checking it two or three times a day :)

  2. I dunno, primarily working in ink, I feel like paint offers more opportunities to screw up and easily (well, easier anyway) fix it with some more paint. I even use white acrylic to fix mistakes in inking.

    I find the bigger issue for me, is HOW to express the light and shadow with color instead of in b&w contrast.

  3. thanks for peeping by Jim :)

    "How" is always the hard part, and working in color gets so much more complicated, quickly, because of differences in temperatures, value ranges, saturations...it's really nuts to jump right in and start working with color. But it's so much fun and challenging too!

  4. It's absolutely fun, and that's what I love about it. I completely adore falling on my face with painting... as opposed to succeding with ink, because I know what I'm doing there.

    But, it's a challenge, none the less. I think you do a fantastic job with it. I find inspiration in your work daily, especially the painted work. :)

    Also, these two nail it every time... and are constant inspirations to me.




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