figures on moleskine


  1. Do you pay a model or this or your friend or are you just making things up?

  2. the person I've been drawing for the past year is my boyfriend, who is also an artist and gives me great poses. There is a local place I could go for figure drawing, but paying at the door, even if it's a small amount, seems silly to me when he's around and willing. No, i don't draw this stuff from my mind - wish I could! That would be great!

  3. oh wow, that's lucky. he's got the physique to give you great anatomical practice.
    these are some of my favorite drawings of yours. i tend to like unfinished studies over finished pieces sometimes. not just with your work, but with most. i like seeing process

  4. thanks for saying so Jim :) I agree with you - I also love seeing people's studies left unfinished and kind of raw. For some reason, I don't usually feel comfortable leaving it so rough when I draw, but I know that it's more exciting to see it that way.

    thanks for your thoughts


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