busy day

working here with a different palette: orange acting as red, with yellow, and violet-blue acting for blue. I suppose it's something like a secondary palette, but limits the gamut a lot. Worked on the still life trying to see what kind of color scheme I could get out of it. But after all of this oil painting practice lately, there's nothing more satisfying than coming back to good ol' pencil and feeling accomplished about the lines I put down. I guess it's a comfort zone.


  1. Your oils are exquisite - your pencils flawless.

    You always show us beautiful work, the bananas coloring and foreshortening are great.

  2. thanks very much Nancy :) There really is a lot more I need to learn though, especially about oil painting. I appreciate your thoughts

  3. wow i admire your work! this stuff is amazing! the one of the girl is my favorite and im inspired by the couch drawing....i've wanted to get really good at drawing pillows that look that soft and plush! beautiful!

  4. these pillows really were so much fun to draw. Getting that squishy look isn't always easy, but when I follow the lines where the darkest shadows are, and kind of "feel" the squish quality in my head about how they fold and bend, then it helps to make them believable. Drawing is so much fun!


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