sketchbook update


  1. Thanks for posting these Ester. I'm inspired to use more color in my sketches. What mediums did you use here?

  2. hi Steve! I'm glad you are inspired! All the color in these pages came from either FW ink using a brush, Luma ink put inside of my rapidographs for a colorful line, or Koh-i-Noor Nexus pens (which I've found to be great for a smooth, brilliantly colored line, but have had problems with a few drying out prematurely).

    Hope that helps :)
    btw, I really had a hard time believing that the music on ONE was actually free for download, and totally excited that it was! I love many of those cd's - thanks very much for sharing that!

  3. Very nice, Ester. I really like the bottom image. It feels like a weird doll or something.


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