ornamental city

it's been a creatively dry couple of days lately, so I went out into the city to find things - I found an ornamental city


  1. YEah, I've been kinda dry too... so I took a few days off and didn't worry about it. It's nice to not worry about it sometimes.

  2. I'm glad someone out there kind of understands. It's crazy how overwhelming a dry spell can feel sometimes

  3. It's very overwhelming... this wasn't so much of a dry spell for me, as much as it was just a 'need to pause for a moment and re think some things'. So, it wasn't irritating, or forced on me. It was my own decision to walk away and recharge.

    It was nice to not draw because I wanted to, not because I couldn't. But, I've certainly suffered the latter many times for various reasons.

    I just watched a bunch of movies, and played Dr. Mario until my eyes bled, and relaxed until I felt that I'd recharged. Mainly, I didn't worry about it, and not having that stress was a huge help.

    It'll come back like it always does, and probably with more ideas than you can put down at once... so, try to just enjoy these 'free' moments as best you can.

    Here's a few links that'll maybe inspire!




  4. thanks for the links!

    yeah, I put paradise kiss on and started baking instead, trying to let my mind and body separate for now.


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