green man

painting sculpture, loosely based on a door knocker.
and sketching in the books still...

**Edit: And special congrats to Jimi at Oil Covered Hands for his artwork chosen as a feature on Illustration Friday's main submission page! That piece is so great!

Also, I've been tagged...and I don't do tags too often because I don't usually want to talk about myself on this blog. Supposed to list 8 facts about if anyone is interested in that, I can list a few short things:

-I'm blind as a bat without lenses, and dropping the soap in the shower means it's lost forever.

-I'm vegetarian, and texture is more important to me than taste in my mouth.

-If I were not able to be an artist, I would want to be a storm chaser.

-and other narcissistic things... (but thanks for thinking about me for this tag - that's sweet)


  1. Love this entry Ester! Yeah, once can't help being narcissistic sometimes, huh?


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