goodbye May

working on some website changes and sketch doodle things. Gluing down hole punch circles was fun.


  1. You glued each and every one down individually AND had fun? Whatever the case, it's an excellent idea and really enhances the sketch page there. Anyhow, here's to June and summertime!

  2. Hey there,

    Came across your blog and really like your stuff. I especially like some of your older oil on wood paintings (yes went through the whole blog througout the day).

    I'm just starting to get back in touch with my artistic side. Take a look at my blog

    I'd like to hear your comments/critique. They are mostly sketches than anything finalized.

  3. you make me laugh Steve. but yeah, I glued each one down, and just eye-balled it, but that part was fun! In a meditative, kind of way, like patterns and rhythms.

    Thanks much nash! I'll definitely check your blog out. Sorry if I'm a little delayed on replying...lots going on.


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