golden light

messing around with light and shadow


  1. Wow... that's awesome!

  2. again on your space issue... you could get a flickr account... or you could delete the images from older posts... there are options. None of them are ideal, but neither is getting a new blog.

  3. thanks for the thoughts Sail. I'm not really sure what the best route is right now. I'm going to hold off until I'm around 80%, then maybe switch or something. I don't like how slow flicker is, but I guess I can't complain when I want something free...

    Maybe I can find a way to host a blog via my own website somehow

  4. Ah, the warmth of the light. Great painting.


  5. Yeah, you can run a blog from your website, a lot of people do that... especially professionals who want to have everything on one site.

    Also, there are quite a few other image hosting options that are free, like photobucket and what not... I dunno. I checked my blog, and I'm at 0% I know I don't post every day but really? 0%? Ok.

  6. hehehe - sail you're not doing too bad there - 0%!

    mine's at 18%, and goes up 1% every week I've noticed...

    (Thanks Bgoz!)


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